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Aquatic Life Never Sounded So Good

This unique design provides tranquil  bell tone sounds in calm breezes and the illusion of aquatic life swimming through the air.    

FISH WIND CHIMES comes packaged for quick assembly and mounting under most surfaces such as patio covers or eaves.

Every assembly consists of the chime segmented into 4 or 5 steel sections with a lanyard looped through a hole in each piece, and a wood piece for hanging and mounting:

· Chime sections are computer designed by the artist*, water jet cut from thick carbon steel- which initially includes a natural dark blue appearance but will eventually weather to a rust colored (patina) surface

· Lanyard loops are 3/64” diameter galvanized stranded steel cable

· Wood mounting piece is made from 1” X 4” redwood 24” long with slight saw cuts for registering the position of each looped chime piece, and three holes for mounting

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